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Why Fitter & Fitter?

Being fit makes your life better. We help you being fit. Our goal is to make people enjoy sports and get fitter. Think about kids playing: they run, jump, climb… Being fit means being able to play with kids or play like kids. Playing and being fit is not just for kids, it’s for all ages. We want to make you fit and happy! We coach all levels, from beginners to athletes, both groups and individuals. We focus on health related fitness training, which is a combination of endurance, core stability and basic strength training.


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Discover our different trainings


Start to run, or prepare for a running event with coached trainings and a training program. A professional running coach comes to your team and prepares you for a running event. Our running training is different from other programs in that we combine running with running technique exercises, enhancing running posture strength and core stability. We make up a well-balanced program to avoid injuries. We will teach you how to prepare for a running event, how to make sure that on D-day nothing goes wrong. We will also teach you tips and tricks about warming up, nutrition, running posture and injuries. It is also possible to have an info session on running and training.


Bootcamp is a training session in which endurance is combined with strength, core stability, speed, agility and a lot of fun. It is the perfect training for a complete work-out. Because of the variation in exercises, people from lower and higher level of fitness can train together. Bootcamp is also the perfect sporty teambuilding.

What’s more?

We provide other kinds of training, more specifically towards core stability and functional training. We’ve done specific physical training in function of a specific sport, from soccer teams to dancing groups. These specific work outs consist of training towards the specific motoric and physical needs of that sport. Also, we have sessions about how to train efficiently at work with light exercises for good posture and core stability.

For individuals, groups and companies

  • Personal Training
    One-on-one training to reach your own goals.
  • Small group training
    Divide the cost of Personal Training among the number of participants and multiply the fun. Challenge each other. Sociable, cheap, flexible and efficient.
  • Groups
    10-40 participants
  • Companies
    see Sports in business


  • Personal training + small group training: 60€/hr, taxes included
  • Group training: < 10 persons 80€  ***  <15 persons: 99€ *** 15-20 persons: 119€
  • Companies: customized to the company’s needs Please check the borchure: fitter_and_fitter_in_business_2017_brochure.pdf

Fitter & Fitter in Brussels

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We have moved our services in Brussels to

Fitter & Fitter is your sports coach for all your trainings in Brussels: personal training, small group training, group training and corporate training. Our goal is to make people enjoy sports and help them create a fit and healthy life style, at home and at work. We want to make people enjoy the fitter life.

We organize trainings in these parks:

  • Woluwepark – Parc de Woluwé
  • Jubelpark – Parc de Cinquantenaire
  • Warandepark – Parc de Bruxelles


Small group training: de website!

Fitter&Fitter wil degelijke begeleiding in training betaalbaar en plezant maken. We geloven heel erg in het (weinig bekende) concept van de Small Group Training en hebben er een aparte website voor ontwikkeld. De website laat je toe om gemakkelijk een groepje in jou buurt op te richten of aan te sluiten bij een groepje in jouw buurt.

In the picture

Sports in Business / Fitter&Fitter@work
A healthy company doesn’t exist without healthy, dynamic employees. You don’t recruit these dynamic employees, you make them.