Fitter&Fitter at Pegasus Park

New training sessions from the 18th of September till Christmas

In the week of September 18, we will start with new training sessions. We will launch 13 weeks of training possibilities, untill Christmas. All employees of the participating companies are free to join these classes. There will be Yoga, Bootcamp (general physical training, different levels) and running (technique, posture, strength). Other specific sessions will be organized on a regular base. Registration is online



We'll start with four trainings a week. As we are still waiting for some companies to confirm, the schedule might be updated later, with more trainings. We have a standard schedule, but sometimes, there might be some changes and special sessions. In the first week, we have already a special session: Thursday 21st: Core stability and posture training.  Yoga will start on The 28th.

About the core stability on Thursday 21st of Sept:

You will learn about what is core stabilty and how good or bad core stabilty affects injuries. It is a lighter sessions, with more theoretical background, about how to use your core stability muscles during the day, sitting or standing at work or at home.


Standard schedule

All trainings are from 12.15 - 13.00

About the bootcamp

Mondays will be more intensive, with circuit training. Fridays will be a little bit lower intensity and more focused on core stability. 



About the yoga

Please bring a towel. We have our fitness mats, but if you want to bring your own, go ahead.



Sign up for your training here



The venue is at the entrance of the fitness center. You can find the fitness center between De Kleetlaan 5 and De Kleetlaan 12. We will use the fitness as the venue, but we can go from there to the basket field, grass field, or a big space in building 5. Be in time!

For bootcamp, we train outside, unless real bad weather. Yoga will be indoor.


Participating companies

Employees of these companies can participate in the trainings

  • Nynas
  • Center Parks
  • BDMyShopi
  • DHL
  • Getronics
  • Rockwell Automation
  • ISK
  • Antargaz



You can use the showers in the fitness, or new showers in -1 in building 5. Of course, you cans also shower in your own buildings.


An innovative project in Belgium: one health concept for several companies

Our  goal is to make the Pegasus Park one of the healthiest and and fittest work places in Belgium. A healthy business can't exist without healthy employees. With different sports and health services, we want to create a healthy and sporty culture in the whole Pegasus Park, throughout different companies. With different sports and health services, we want to create a healthy and sporty culture in the whole Pegasus Park. Sports is the best way to make people mentally and physically fit for life and for the job. Also training together equals teambuilding and networking while improving your health. Or as we say:" Dynamic employees, you don't recruit them. You make them."

. Read the whole idea.

Two main goals

There are two main goals for this next phase:

- Start with training facilities again. We don't want you to wait any longer for training possibilities at the Pegasus Park. We want to continue!.

- This phase is also meant to create a bunch of ambassadors and motivated believers to work together on the concept, to built the plan for 2018 and after.


Be sure to join our Facebook group. Here you will find more info about the workouts, locations and exact hours. 



Fitter&Fitter, promo diegem, Pegasus Park, running

Bootcamp is a high intensity, outdoor training session in which we focus on health related fitness training. In the bootcamp, endurance (cardio) is combined with basic-strength, core stability, speed, agility and a lot of fun. In fact we take a few of the ingredients from crossfit, pilates, athletics, general fitness and social fun.

Because of the variation in exercises, people from lower and higher level of fitness can train together. This makes it the perfect training for a complete work-out, a perfect work-out for all.

Bootcamp is also the perfect sporty teambuilding.


Running technique, body posture injury prevention

Fitter&Fitter, promo diegem, Pegasus Park, running

Our running training is pretty unique. From beginners over moderate to top runners, we give running technique and strength to make you run faster and stronger. It will help you avoiding injuries. Our running training gives a new dimension to running, or should we say flying?

Next to reaching your personal goals, we also focus on sporty business activities like 10 miles, cycling… Hereby we offer all of our different services to make every activity a success. We provide adjusted training schedules, workouts and info sessions in relation to food and health. Like this, you and your company are prepared to complete and succeed the activity.


We will offer two varieties of yoga, a more intense and a softer one, given by certified yoga teachers.