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Two weeks full of promotion training sessions have passed and it was a succes. We saw a lot of happy, motivated, interested people. We want to thank yu for your participation. We will now as fast as we can see how we will continue, wich sessions, wich days, ... We'll keep you posted, that's for sure. Our idea is to make a unique concept where sports and health is integrated in the whole business park. Read the whole idea.

Our  goal is to make the Pegasus Park one of the healthiest and and fittest work places in Belgium. A healthy business can't exist without healthy employees. With different sports and health services, we want to create a healthy and sporty culture in the whole Pegasus Park, throughout different companies. With different sports and health services, we want to create a healthy and sporty culture in the whole Pegasus Park. Sports is the best way to make people mentally and physically fit for life and for the job. Also training together equals teambuilding and networking while improving your health. 

From May 29 till June 9 we organise 10 days of different workouts and workshops for all companies and employees of the Pegasus Park. We want to invite you to participate with one of our trainingsessions. The focus during our workouts will be on: general condition, injury prevention, endurance, basic power and physical&mental health. All our workouts will be given by professional coaches who will guide you during the workout. 

All of our training sessions will take place every day from May 29 till June 9. They will be planned in the morning, midday and evening. During week one we will invite a few companies to come and try out our services.So you get the oppertunity to meet us on a more personal base and our wide offer of different services. Week two you can sign up when ever you want. We will offer training sessions every morning, during the lunchbreak and after work. Trough our website you can sign up at the bottom of the page. You write down your name and e-mail address, you select the day and choose the type of training you want to follow. 

Be sure to join our Facebook group. Here you will find more info about the workouts, locations and exact hours. 



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Bootcamp is a high intensity, outdoor training session in which we focus on health related fitness training. In the bootcamp, endurance (cardio) is combined with basic-strength, core stability, speed, agility and a lot of fun. In fact we take a few of the ingredients from crossfit, pilates, athletics, general fitness and social fun.

Because of the variation in exercises, people from lower and higher level of fitness can train together. This makes it the perfect training for a complete work-out, a perfect work-out for all.

Bootcamp is also the perfect sporty teambuilding.


Running technique, body posture injury prevention

Fitter&Fitter, promo diegem, Pegasus Park, running

Our running training is pretty unique. From beginners over moderate to top runners, we give running technique and strength to make you run faster and stronger. It will help you avoiding injuries. Our running training gives a new dimension to running, or should we say flying?

Next to reaching your personal goals, we also focus on sporty business activities like 10 miles, cycling… Hereby we offer all of our different services to make every activity a success. We provide adjusted training schedules, workouts and info sessions in relation to food and health. Like this, you and your company are prepared to complete and succeed the activity.


After a busy morning at work our body can use some relaxation. With our relaxation, stretching and muscles activation excercices you will be ready to start your afteroon fully relaxed. Our relaxation workout is a combination of:

  • Balancing excercices
  • Breathing excercices
  • Stretching 
  • Muscle activation excercices.


We start every day with our workouts during your lunchbreak from 12 am till 2 pm. There will be 2 sessions of 40 minutes. During every session you can choose between three workouts:

  • Bootcamp (40')
  • Relaxation (40')
  • Running (40')

To end the day in style we will offer a bootcamp training from 5:15 pm till 6:15 pm.

There will be two workshops during the day (@ The Hive):

  • Injury prevention: How core stability prevents lower back, knee and other problems.
  • Training smart or doing it wrong. Basic principles about training and health.


Don't forget to sign up below! We will contact you by email with more info about the location, time, ... We hope to see you soon ;-) 

Fitter&Fitter, promo diegem, Pegasus Park, running, bootcamp


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